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Welcome we are J & J

Hey beautiful people, we are Janina and Jawad… the ones behind the cameras… you might want to know a little more about us before inviting us to capture your big day!

Most importantly we are proud parents of two amazing children, we are happily married for over 10 years, but not to each other, does that make sense? Okay we’ll explain… We met 5 years ago, photographing a big fusion wedding, we have clicked and photographed more weddings together since! Then we made the decision to combine our strengths as Reportage Studios. The top picture describes us best haha, but also….

Jawad loves travelling, making memories and having fun is extremely important to him. Janina is a morning person and often will get up at 5am just to enjoy a good coffee and the early morning walks by the seaside. She absolutely loves an outdoor lifestyle and travels too.

Whilst Jawad is a massive aviation and a Formula 1 fan, Janina is the one doing pilot license (just for fun) as not only love for photography is something we have in common. Janina is a huge animal lover, she used to have horses but now has her dogs, black lab ‘Freeman’ and he is a huge part of her family and dachshund Rizzo.

We’ve grown up in a home where all forms of art were greatly appreciated. Janina’s first camera never left her side since age of 12. She loves film photography and loves inspiring herself with analog cameras. Janina speaks Italian and Polish thanks to her family bloodlines! You might also experience Janina’s special spelling which we referrer to as ‘Pinglish’…. She likes pizza, cheese, gin, pizza, cheese, pizza (did she mention that she likes pizza?) Above all we love a good night out with our friends! Although we love travelling and meeting new people, we also always find time to spend with our loved ones, creating and sharing memories with our children.

Our music choices are all over place…. from Nirvana, The Beatles and ACDC (thanks to Janina’s awesome father) to Olly Murs, Rita Ora and even some country legends. Funny we know right?! Now here’s a good one, something weird about Janina – she doesn’t like chocolate, get her ‘old fashioned’ or tequila instead! And if you want to convince Jawad, just offer him a nice, yummy, delicious donut!

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