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Authentic Wedding Photography Capturing Moments: Our Journey to 3rd Place in “Photographers Keeping It Real” Worldwide Competition

We couldn’t believe the news – we clinched the 3rd spot in the Keeping It Real worldwide competition, and we’re absolutely buzzing! PKIR is worldwide wedding photography community focusing on authentic wedding photography moments. We skipped the summer round, but our passion for real wedding photography still shone through. Now, we’re grinning ear to ear, riding the wave of this unexpected win.

Authentic wedding photography
Authentic wedding photography

Authentic wedding photography style

For us, snapping genuine wedding moments isn’t just a job – it’s our jam! We adore catching those natural, unfiltered moments, the funny bits, a touch of artsy vibes, and all the stories, values, and emotions people pour into their big day. It’s our sweet spot.

Authentic wedding photography

This win is like a big, unexpected hug. We didn’t expect it, but man, does it feel good! It tells us that our love for capturing real, unscripted moments resonates with others. Even though we missed a round, our year-long hustle paid off, and we’re feeling all kinds of grateful.

Authentic wedding moment , end of the night
Authentic wedding moment spilled drink, funny

Real wedding photography, to us, is more than just photos. It’s about telling stories, reflecting people’s values, and freezing those raw connections in time. From vows to dance floors filled with laughter, we strive to capture the unique vibe of each wedding.

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Authentic wedding moment, indian wedding

Our secret sauce? Getting to know our couples inside out. We dig into their quirks, dive into their love story, and soak up all those little details that make them, well, them. It’s this deep connection that lets us snag those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments that others might overlook.

Authentic wedding photography
Authentic wedding moment, hot day cake needed cool air

This win is like a high-five from the universe, letting us know we’re on the right track. It’s a nod to our unique style and a reminder that keeping it real is what it’s all about. Huge thanks to our awesome clients for letting us be part of their special moments!

Authentic wedding photography , funny wedding moment

As we soak in the unexpected glory of the “Keeping It Real” competition, we’re more pumped than ever to keep doing what we love. This win is a boost, a reminder to keep freezing time in the most genuine and heartfelt way possible. The journey continues, and we can’t wait to capture more real, authentic wedding photography magic in the days to come!

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