Best Documentary Wedding Photographer

Best Documentary Wedding Photographer – It’s Official!

We’re so excited, Janina has been named the 2023 Wedding Photographer of the Year by the Masters of Wedding Photography! After submitting images to four rounds of the contest throughout 2023, she received 18 awards overall from the superstar panel of judges, making her the best documentary wedding photographer in the UK and Ireland.

Best wedding photographer
Wedding games captured by best documentary wedding photographer

Wedding Photographer of the Year 2023

The Masters of Wedding Photography runs a yearly contest to find the best wedding photographers in the UK and Ireland. With over 150 of the top photographers in the industry taking part, and submitting over 3000 images in total, we feel hugely proud that Janina has earned a place at the top. In 2022 we were also named among Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars – our hard work is being recognised, and it feels amazing!

best documentary wedding photographer

 Best documentary wedding photographer

The photos Janina submitted to the contest represent work she is SUPER proud of, from some incredible weddings across the UK and the rest of the world. It was a difficult job narrowing it down as we put so much effort into making sure every image tells a story. Picking our favourite photos is a bit like trying to pick your favourite child! 

We were keen to showcase some of her best documentary wedding photography. Our approach to every wedding is the same, we want to ensure you can relax and enjoy your day with your guests and get lost in the moment with each other. While you are laughing, dancing, and feeling all the emotions we’ll be there capturing everything to tell your story in beautifully composed images. We’ve included all of the winning images here, and you can also check out Janina’s profile on The Masters of Wedding Photography, to see just how incredible the competition was.

Best documentary wedding photographer
Best documenatry wedding photography

Moments like this capture what it is to be human, a bride feeding her baby during a break from the party on her wedding day in the Lake District. As parents, we both adore the story this image tells and feel so lucky to have been trusted to capture it.

Weddding party
Indian wedding party

We love getting right in amongst the party people, and many of our best documentary wedding photos have been captured from the middle of dancing, singing, and laughing crowds of people letting their hair down! Our ‘Simply the Best’ package is usually booked by couples with a passion for the dancefloor – knowing that most of the party happens from 11 pm onwards when things start to get wild! Check out our investment page for more details on the coverage options available.

The details of your wedding day are something we also like to photograph but with as much personality as possible. Your wedding cake will be eaten by the end of the day, but you’ll still have photos of it to look back on – including if it was the hottest day of the year and it needed its own fan! 

best wedding photographer
best wedding photographer

One thing the best documentary wedding photographers all have in common is an observant eye, and the ability to anticipate things that are about to happen. Funny and unexpected moments like your veil getting trapped in a hug, drinks toppling over, or a dancefloor disaster are things we keep looking out for… we’re always watching for actions and reactions!

Emotional wedding

Emotions are high on your wedding day, and part of the magic of what we do is capturing those hugs, tears, and looks of love that you might not see for yourselves on the day. Getting to know our couples before their wedding day helps us to identify the people and moments that will mean the most to them.

wedding storytelling
wedding photography
Best documentary wedding photographer

It’s all about the story, being named Wedding Photographer of the Year in 2023 is something Janina achieved through hard work and creative vision. We put the same effort and dedication into every wedding we capture, striving to use light and creative composition to elevate our photography.

Believe it or not, these photos are almost always unposed, we think ahead and look for the opportunity to use pockets of natural light to create a beautiful photograph. From elegant details during bridal prep to a big hug before cutting the cake, the natural light adds a dramatic and artistic edge to the best documentary wedding photography.

best documentary wedding photographer

How to work with us?

We’d love to photograph your wedding and we work across the whole of the UK and the rest of the world. Simply get in touch and we can start making plans! You can also see more of the story behind some of these images in the dedicated articles on our blog, including photos from Crear in Scotland, and Norton Grounds in Chipping Campden. 

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