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For those who don’t want to pose.

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Award-Winning Cheshire Wedding Photographer Feel Every Moment.

Hey there! We’re Janina and Jawad, a wedding photography duo soaking up the charm of Cheshire. We’re all about crafting emotionally resonant and visually striking images of your wedding day while seamlessly blending with your guests. If you’re seeking candid, creative story of you and your nearest and dearest then we might just be the perfect fit for you.

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With our authentic and heartfelt images, filled with love, laughter, tears, and those late-night dance-floor shenanigans, we weave together the genuine narrative of your wedding day. Our passion is fueled by the exhilaration, the butterflies, the fond memories, the people, and the sheer joy that fills the air! There’s no tired tropes, no forced smiles, and definitely no awkward posing. Just raw, genuine moments that evoke real emotions and stir your soul.


Why choose Cheshire Wedding Photographer?

Our Ultimate Goal = Whether it’s 5 weeks, 5 years, or 50 years down the line, we want your wedding photos to transport you back to that magical day, reminding you of all the love that surrounded you. Why choose us as your Cheshire Wedding Photographer? Character & Energy-Filled Photos This is our jam! Our documentary photography revolves around capturing the vibrant personalities of your loved ones and the special bonds they share with you. From the subtlest of emotions to the most exuberant expressions, we aim to preserve every moment. Why? Because we believe reliving the magnificence of your wedding day should be an ongoing joy. Our photos not only keep your memories alive but also unveil moments you might have missed amidst the excitement of the day. A Relxed & Joyful Presence Beyond delivering hundreds of stunning photos of your celebration, we’re committed to being a positive presence on your wedding day, enhancing your overall experience. While we prefer to blend into the background, we’re far from invisible. You’ll always find us sporting a smile and radiating a sense of calm and reassurance. We will dance, we will chat and might have canapé or two! The rapport we build with you, your family, and friends is just as crucial to us as capturing those perfect moments. Nervous about posing for photos? You’re not alone; it’s a sentiment many of our couples share. And we will not take you away from your guests.

For couples who can’t wait to be with their guests
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We’ve had the privilege of working with numerous couples who initially hesitated to hire a wedding photographer fearing it might disrupt their special day. However, after witnessing us in action at a friend’s wedding, they realized that stunning photos could be captured without feeling the presence of a photographer.

“Couldn’t recommend Janina and Jawad anymore. From the beginning it felt like old friends and we felt instantly comfortable. There were phone calls and WhatsApp’s and helping ideas, they were more than just photographers. On the day they were amazing and everyone commented on how they were busy snapping but also just like any other guest.”


Enjoy every moment, celebrate with your loved ones, and dance like there’s no tomorrow!

Bride and groom entrance captured by documentary wedding photographer
Love is Love We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have collaborated with a diverse array of couples, spanning different cultures, backgrounds, and orientations. Through these experiences, one truth has become evident – love knows no bounds. Although we are Cheshire wedding photographers we cover whole UK, from London weddings through the Yorkshire and Lakes up to Scottish Highlands.
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