Hackney Coffee Company, London wedding photography

Do your own thing.”

Hackney coffee company, East London famous coffee and urban wedding venue. Yes! We love Claire and Ben’s advice for engaged couples.  Weddings, YOUR wedding, is all about doing the things you love, not the traditions you think you should be doing. And Claire and Ben are pretty much wedding planning experts now after having to change their date on multiple occasions thanks to COVID. It was third time lucky for them and we were so excited to head down to London last August for their day. 

Claire and Ben met in London, back in 2012 when they were both volunteers at the London Olympics. Love eventually blossomed and Ben proposed in Thailand. He’s a Thai chef so his choice of engagement location was very fitting! These two are mega foodies so, of course, celebrated their engagement with lots of incredible Thai food. 

Urban, city centre wedding

We are such a big fans of urban weddings, especially when we get to travel down to London and explore some new places as well as some of my favourite spots. 

Ben and Claire’s day was taking place in Hackney. After getting married at Hackney Town Hall then the plan was to head over to the very cool Hackney Coffee Company for their wedding reception. Their dream wedding day was one that was small, intimate, with their favourite people and had some cool, urban vibes. Safe to say they got their wish! 

Claire and Ben wanted to show off London, specifically Hackney, to their guests. They chose local suppliers – food, flowers, ice cream, drinks – and made sure that they worked with people they could relax and be themselves around. Claire arrived at Hackney Town Hall in a London cab and greeted Ben with a huge smile. 

After their ceremony it was time to give their loved ones a taste of London. On the way to Hackney Coffee Company we all stopped off at Fin and Flounder, Ben and Claire’s local fishmonger. Everyone (including me!) enjoyed oysters and wine in London Fields Park before we headed over to Hackney Coffee Company. 

Hackney Coffee Company wedding photography

We love that Ben and Claire didn’t choose a standard wedding venue, instead they held their reception at their local coffee shop! This is such a cool place with exposed brick walls, huge glass doors and windows and a terrace to enjoy drinks and board games outdoors. 

We were in our element photographing Ben and Claire’s day. They are so chilled out and up for fun, just like us. Hackney is an incredible spot for photographs and I could have spent all day wandering around with them. Some of Claire and Ben’s favourite photos of the day are the ones we captured as we were walking over to Hackney Coffee Company, they had all their favourite places in the background and really caught the vibe of their day. 

If you’re planning a city centre wedding then let me know, I travel all over the UK (and the world!) for weddings and I’d love to chat to you about your wedding photography. Get in touch! 

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