Manchester Engagement Shoot with Prela and Joyce

Manchester Engagement Shoot with Prela and Joyce

I love a good romance story! During Manchester Engagement shoot Joyce told me about the moment they met. My heart warmed, and a smile filled my face. Seven years ago, Joyce startted an internship at a hospital and was patiently waiting for a tour of her new workplace. Picture this, a suave looking doctor strolling down the corridor in his white coat….and then coming out with cheesy line. Joyce wished him a happy birthday. Then going surprisingly against her instincts, gave Prela her number. They do say you find love where you least expect it. You could say, and the rest is history.

The proposal

Prela’s cheesy lines weren’t the only surprise for Joyce. On December 25th, Prela organized a Christmas dinner in a private lounge, where they could have fun and play party games with their closest friends and family. With careful instructions to the other party-goers the night before, they played a game where you pop a balloon and have to answer a question or do a dare. Joyce, surrounded by the people she loved, was left stunned when she popped the last white balloon to discover the question “Will you Marry Me?.”

Manchester Engagement shoot at Manchester Museum

If you are still reading, then it probably comes as no surprise that Prela and Joyce are a fun couple who love surprises. For their engagement shoot, we planned to explore Manchester city, dropping into the Manchester Museum. It was my turn for a surprise. I love engagement shoots as they are a fantastic way to get to know each other before the big day and create some gorgeous portraits in the process. Joyce and Prela wanted to add a little more fun on their engagement session and came ready with outfit changes and even a fabulous red wig. Though clearly a surprise for me, a great photographer is prepared for anything, and all I ever want is to make my couples happy. We took a few creative engagement portraits in the Manchester Museum before heading off to explore the city in a new set of clothes.

Manchester City Engagement Shoot

There are so many fantastic places to shoot an engagement session in Manchester city centre. Still, for me, portraits are all about connection and real emotions. I don’t believe couples want to look at their images and remember a direction given. Therefore I gave these two only gentle guidance(as they wanted that). In addition few  jokes of my own to help you relax so that every smile, every laugh, every touch feels genuine. As a result, in their coordinating outfits, we simply had the best time. Most importantly I captured relaxed, natural portraits which show uniqueness of this wonderful couple.  In addition big thanks to Phil, Manchester wedding photographer for helping me on the day.

Whether you are already married and would love a romantic couples portrait session? Or you planning your wedding. I’d love to get to know you too. You can get in touch HERE  to check my availability.


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