Natural Wedding Photographer Capturing Fathers

Natural Wedding Photographer

As a natural photographer I enjoy documenting and telling the whole story of the wedding day in a natural way.

With Father’s Day around the corner, I thought I would share a selection of some of my favourite ‘father’ images from weddings I photographed. As I write this, looking up from my keyboard I can see an image from my own wedding day. I clearly remember my Dad walking me down the long aisle. I was holding on to him so very tight. Those photos are now far more poignant for me, as sadly, I lost my Dad last year.

I have always known the power a photograph holds in telling the story of a wedding day, however I have a new found recognition for the importance they carry many years later and how they transport us back to the moment. In all honesty – since I lost my Dad –  I now have a whole new appreciation when looking through the camera, for capturing those key “father” moments. Creating wedding day photos that I know will mean SO MUCH to couples now and in the years to come. As a Natural Wedding Photographer I always try to be discreet I use natural light, staying unnoticed as much as possible, especially at those emotional times where the intrusion of the glare of a flash can easily ruin the personal moment.

Natural Wedding Photographer Capturing Father Of The Bride

When the proud Dad sees his daughter in her wedding dress for that first time and then gives away his daughter to her new husband is always an emotionally charged and powerful moment. And then the main event, when the bride and groom finally set eyes upon each other for that first time. Often I have both a have huge smile on my face and wipe away a little tear.

 I never get bored of a father of the bride speech, such a sense of occasion, what honour and responsibility, I can’t begin to imagine how proud a father must feel. I love the evening celebration too. Dancing will always get dads up on their feet! Unlike most of photographers I stay till the end. So I can capture goodnight hugs which often is also very emotional. Therefore I like my Deluxe package. My documentary and reportage photography style is all about people and real, natural emotions.

I would like to whish every father of the bride I have met, and every father of the bride I will meet wonderful Father’s Day. Also I would like say special thank you to my dad who always told me to chase my dreams.

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