Non traditional wedding

Non Traditional Wedding Photographer

So you are planning non traditional wedding?

Non traditional wedding photographer

You will need non traditional wedding photographer.

So, you’re ready to ditch the conventional and embark on a wedding adventure that’s uniquely yours. Fantastic! Let’s delve into the world of non-traditional wedding ideas, unconventional venues, and non traditional wedding photography that captures the essence of your day.

More than Moments Capturing Your Wedding Story, Authentically


Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas:

First off, let’s talk about injecting a bit of “you” into your wedding. Who says you have to follow a standard script? Whether it’s a shared passion, a favourite movie, or something that screams “this is us,” bring that into your celebration. Let your personalities shine through every detail.

Interactive elements are the spice that can turn your wedding into an unforgettable experience. Think outside the box – set up a DIY cocktail station, introduce a photo booth with quirky props, or maybe have a live artist painting the magic of your day as it unfolds. Make it an event where everyone is not just a spectator, but a participant.

And why stick to the traditional attire when you can wear something that truly represents you? Break free from the white gown and black suit mold. Whether it’s a vibrant dress, a stylish jumpsuit, or attire that symbolise your shared interests, let your fashion choices be a testament to your unique style.

Non traditional wedding elopement

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Non traditional wedding at gods own junkyard

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Non-Traditional Wedding Venues:

Now, let’s talk about where this magical day will unfold. Think beyond the conventional banquet hall. Nature beckons – imagine exchanging vows on a tranquil beach, Scottish highlands , surrounded by trees, or atop a mountain with the world as your witness. The great outdoors brings a touch of natural magic to your celebration.

Or, if you’re drawn to history, why not say “I do” in a charming old castle, host a reception in a museum, or dance the night away in a vintage theatre? Historic venues add a dash of elegance and whimsy to your love story.

City dwellers, listen up. Urban spaces are your canvas. Rooftop gardens, art galleries, or repurposed warehouses – the city offers a modern backdrop for your celebration, reflecting the contemporary and unique love story you share. Check out this totally unique neon wedding at Gods Own Junkyard.

Non traditional wedding venue , dog loking at bride

Beach wedding

Non-Traditional Wedding Photographer

Now, let’s capture these moments in a way that feels authentic and uniquely yours. Candid, documentary , reportage or authentic wedding photography is the hero here. Forget about forced poses – let the non traditional wedding photographer capture the laughter, tears, and unfiltered joy that defines your special day. You can read more about reportage photography style HERE.

Find photographer that resonate with your souls and your personalities. They will be with you all day and night! Vintage filters, washed out colours is fashion only, and it might feel silly in years down the line. Photography is timeless element of your day so i would stay away from experimenting with current trends.

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Why It’s Important to Be Yourself:

In the midst of all this talk about non-traditional choices, let’s not forget why it matters. Your wedding is not just an event; it’s a celebration of your unique love story. Being true to yourselves and embracing the non-traditional allows you to create a wedding that feels authentically “you.” There’s no rulebook for love, so let your creativity run wild and craft a celebration that reflects the extraordinary bond you share.

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Your wedding day is a canvas waiting for you. By infusing non-traditional elements, opting for unconventional venues, and capturing your day with authentic photography, you’So, here’s to breaking the mold, dancing to your own rhythm, and creating a wedding day as unique and beautiful as your love.


Bride and groom entrance captured by documentary wedding photographer