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Portfolio and approach

Real Moments Real Memories

Your wedding day is a beautiful start of your journey as a married couple! We are here to capture beginning of that story. It is all about you, who you and your guests are. Wherever you’re getting married, if it’s Cotswolds‘ country side, Scottish Highlands, London City, Dorset, Yorkshire, edge of the cliff in Devon, Lake District,  luxury Manor in Cheshire or by the Lake Como in Italy our job is the same… to create and tell the magical story of your big day.

Our documentary and reportage style is natural, creative, relaxed but most importantly AUTHENTIC. For us it is important to show not only how it looked but how it FELT to be at your wedding. Photographs are so much more than just a ‘pictures’! They are timeless treasure for you and your family to remember for generations. We dig deep into little elements which might have great importance. From the tender hug between you two to the infectious laughter of friends, we want each photograph summarise the raw beauty of real moments. You and your guests quirks, passions, and mannerisms paint a picture of authenticity that’s impossible to replicate. It’s in these unscripted moments that the true essence of life is captured. We take time to get to know you and blend in with your guests like an old friends with a camera! It is important to us that you have the best time of your lives not feeling like you have been photographed .Our couples tell us that their favourite wedding photos aren’t necessarily the perfect pictures, but these which makes them feel something.

Our aim is to freeze the moments to keep memories alive. The serius ones and the silly too. Kisses, belly laughs and tears… creating timeless memories! So taking this less traditional approach allows us create beautiful story from inside which will simply stand out and is uniquely yours!

Natural wedding photography

Hate the idea of posing?

Wedding is not a photo shoot, and surely after long planning you want to spend it with your guests celebrating and having FUN! So we don’t take you away for hours and don’t stage anything. Those beautiful photos of you and your other half are done in no longer than 15 minutes while you relaxing and enjoying the fact you two just got married!

There won’t be silly posing or awkward smiles, no cliches, no re-creating past photos and no ‘kiss again’ moments just unique images, every time. We want our images to reflect you and your relationship.

Each wedding is personal and unique and it’s exactly how we approach it. Love is love and we would like to photograph any couples of any age, race, religion or gender. If it’s elopement with nearest and dearest only or big 500 guest wedding. There is no limit on love & happiness! Unlike some, we won’t send substitutes; we’ll be there ourselves, capturing your day with our energy and passion. Are you excited? Get in touch and tell us all about your plans!

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Within this wedding portfolio you’ll see plenty of action shots, laughs, maybe some tears, portraits but most of all, you’ll see people, people having the best time of their lives.