Carlton Towers Fusion Wedding

Fusion Wedding at Carton Towers, Gayatri & Aravinth

The colorful two-day multicultural relaxed wedding was a vibrant celebration of love and unity. Bringing together two families from different cultural backgrounds, the festivities were a beautiful blend of traditions, customs, and rituals. Family catholic church and stunning Carlton Towers were perfect choices for the celebration. St Austin’s Catholic church is one of the oldest parishes in the Catholic Diocese of Leeds. Carlton Towers is an incredible country house hotel in North Yorkshire. It is known that there has been a house on the site from at least the 14th century and the house was re-built to its present form in 1873–1875 by Henry Stapleton.

Carlton Towers, Yorkshire

On the first day, the couple welcomed their respective cultural heritage with catholic ceremony, white wedding dress and with lively pre-wedding ceremonies. Guests were immersed in a mesmerizing array of colours, as they witnessed vibrant dance performances, traditional music, and the exchange of heartfelt blessings. The air was filled with laughter and excitement as everyone eagerly anticipated Indian Ceremony and reception.

Enjoy the splash of colour, laughter, sunshine from their unique and absolutely amazing day

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